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MPK-1.2.2: Aug 31, 2009

  • Changes in MPKgui
    • Update VRML reader to handle unsupported keywords.
    • Disable planner/cd/load menu when planning in progress.
    • Disable double click when planning in progress.

  • Changes in MPKlib
    • Update Server to support clear and robust switch to different robot/planner.

MPK-1.2.1: May 28, 2007

  • Changes in MPKlib
    • Find tunning in a couple of planners, including PRM, IK_ACA, MPEP.

  • Changes in MPKgui
    • Some minor changes related planner dialogs.

MPK-1.2.0: May 10, 2007

  • Changes in MPKlib
    • RRT planner replaced.
    • RRT-Connect planner replaced.
    • Added new data structure of tree and graph as first step toward replacing LEDA.
    • Fix a bug in ATACE planner, where a synchronization is missing between display thread and planning thread.
    • Add default directory manipulation, so that it take running directory as its default directory.

  • Changes in MPKgui
    • Change the default setting of user dialog for ATACE planner.
    • Add RAMP logo in the gl window.
    • Enable white background for universe display.

  • Other changes
    • Add #cspacecamera setting in those frequently used .mpk files.

MPK-1.1.1: Mar 3, 2006

  • Moved MPK from Visual Souresafe server to CVS repository.
    • Update changes in different versions (due to outage of VSS server).
    • Restructure the directories for different components and documents.

  • Changes in MPKlib
    • Allow a robot to have a base.
    • Solve most of memory leaks.
    • Fix potential issues in SWIFTpp, which caused many warning on running and crash on comlex scene.
    • Solve the problem of crashes on bad .mpk file (with invalid robot, environment, etc.
    • Seperate closed-chain planner into PL_RRT_Closedchain, PL_PRM_Constraint.

  • Changes in MPKgui
    • Reorganize the menu, categorize planners by problems.
    • Solve the problem of crash when adding user obstacle in an empty scene.

  • Other changes
    • Add robot model and .mpk file for powercube.

MPK-1.1.0: June 2005

  • Changes in MPKlib
    • Add PL_MPEP planner.
    • Add PL_ATACE planner.
    • Add PL_ClosedChain planners.
    • Add IK_Jacobian planner.
    • Solve some memory leaks.

  • Changes in MPKgui
    • Add interface to save and load user obstacles.
    • Add elapsed time display when planning.
    • Add user keyboard view control.

MPK-1.0 and before:

Updated on May 10, 2007 by Zhenwang Yao .
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