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Research Overview
An Ultimate goal in robotics is to create autonomous robots. Such robots will accept high level description of the tasks and carry them out without human intervention.

The main theme underlying our research here at RAMP Lab is development of algorithms and planners for automatic synthesis of robotic motions and manipulation tasks. Within this broad framework, the research has focused on both model-based and sensor-based path planning, grasp planning and dexterous manipulation. A main objective has been to incorporate sensing into geometric reasoning, and develop a general framework for sensor-based path planning for general robot-sensor systems. Our emphasis is to develop and implement an approach that is practical and efficient for more complex robots such as eye-in-hand systems. More recently, our focus has been on developing autonomous capabilities for autonomous mobile manipulation.

  • Ramp Xmas gathering 2019 is held at Nov 21 at Diomon Alumni Center, Burnaby Campus.(More images)
  • Ramp YouTube Channel is launched at October 2, 2019
  • The Ramp website is updated at October 2019
  • The Ramp new website is under reconstruction

The laboratory facilities are a rich mix of a variety of robot and sensing hardware � a powerbot mobile base, a six degree of freedom powercube arm, and a variety of sensors � a couple of Hokuyo URG 04LX line scan sensors, a Sick LMS 100 line scan sensor, a Swiss ranger 4000 area scan range sensor, and a bumble bee stereo camera, and a force sensitive gripper from Schunk. This provides a basic testbed for a variety of projects being carried out in the lab, such as:
  • Sensor-based motion planning for an eye-in-hand system (Video Link)
  • Autonomous mobile manipulation
  • Autonomous 3D model acquisition with a mobile manipulator (Video Link)
  • Path planning for Robust Visual Servoing (Video Link)

Contact Information
The Lab is located at ASB 8000 level. To contact the group, please send all correspondence to:

RAMP Laboratory
c/o Kamal K. Gupta
8888 University Drive
School of Engineering Science
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada, V5A1S6

Or send E-mail to:- ramp@ensc.sfu.ca

Prospective SFU graduate students may obtain application information here.

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