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Developing MPK

Programing tools

MPK has been developed with Miscrosoft Visual C++ 6.0 . Currently MPK only supports this version in Windows platform. If you are using later version of Visual Studio (such as Visual Studio 2003/2005) there wil be many compile erros.

Projects and directory structure

The following figure shows compoents of MPK, and they are located in different directories, as shown in Table I.

Table I. MPK directory structure.

Directory Description
$MPK\ MPK home directory. All modules are in this directory, including:
- README : Readme file.
- LICENSE : License information.
$MPK\MPKlib\ MPKlib project.
MPK library. Contains all MPK components in respective sub-directory, including universe, planner, collision detectors, etc.
$MPK\MPKgui\ MPKgui project.
A demo program using MPK libary, with graphic user interface. It demonstrates and tests every component in the MPK.
$MPK\MPKbench\ MPKbench project.
A demo program using MPK libary, without graphic user interface. It can be a tool for benchmarking.
$MPK\documents\ MPK documents.
$MPK\deliverables\ Binary files (.exe files), VRML object models (.wrl files), and predefined scenes (.mpk files). The binary files for MPKgui and MPKbench are contained in demo\; the binary libary file for MPK libary is contained in lib\, in form of static libary for Miscrosoft Visual Studio 6.0. Under demo\, different robots and environments setup we currently use are also provided.

For a detailed version of the structure see here.

Compile and build the projects

To build these components (MPKlib, MPKgui, and MPKbench), simply go the corresponding directories and open the dsw file and rebuild. All dependent files have been included in the workspace.

Make changes

Now, it comes to the exciting part. In general, if you are working on a path planner, the change will be fairly simple, as there are all different kinds of planners to derive from.

Updated on May 10, 2007 by Zhenwang Yao .
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