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To-Do list

To-Do in MPKlib

  • Need to rename PL_ForTest, which is the Jacobian+SMG planner, for mpep.
  • More robust support on VRML files. Can't read VRML files with keyword "colorIndex". Sometimes, the vrml files generated by solidworks has keyword colorindex. In this case mpk fails to open and file and crashes. And when the model is complex, it may also cause mpk to crash.
  • Sign of deadlock and serialization. There is some semphore.lock called in collision detector, is it necessary? Some planners don't have good lock/unlock strategy, and seem to serialize drawing and planning. need to be fixed.

To-Do in MPKgui

  • Need easier way to show the found path. Currently, there is a horizontal slide to show configurations along the path, but the control is not so good. For example, we may need finer displays, or control by keyboard.
  • Clean up user obstacles. In MPKgui, menu: obstacles-"Clear all user-added obstacles", actually the function haven't been implemnted yet.

Updated on May 10, 2007 by Zhenwang Yao .
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