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Obtain MPK source

Currently, MPK source repository is hosted by CVS server on FASnet at SFU. So, if you are not a SFU-FASnet user, you have to contact Kamal Gupta to download the released version of MPK source code. We are thinking of putting it into public domain, but have not as yet done that.

If you are a SFU-FASnet user.

You can access the cvs repository after being assigned to the appropirate group.

CVS Client

To login to the MPK repository, you need a CVS clients.


First, you need to do a local port forward of tcp port 2401 to dogwood's tcp port 2401, as follows:

Start up SSH Secure Shell, go the Edit:Settings menu, click on "Connection" and set the "Host Name" to be "dogwood.css.sfu.ca". Then click on "Tunneling:Outgoing:Add", set the listen and destination ports to be "2401", and set the destination host to be "dogwood.css.sfu.ca". Then connect. If the tunnel fails to establish, you'll see an error message.




The modules you need to check out inlcudes:
  • external
  • MPklib
  • MPkgui
  • MPkbench
  • deliverables
  • documents
For detail introduction of these modules, see development.

Updated on May 10, 2007 by Zhenwang Yao .
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