Program (September 22)

1400 - 1405 Prof. Kamal Gupta, Simon Fraser University

Opening Notes/Introductions

1405 - 1510 Prof. Ian Mitchell, University of British Columbia

Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Planning and Robotics in Continuous Domains and the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation

1510 - 1550 Dr. Clement Petres, CEA (the French Atomic Energy Commission)

Tutorial on Fast Marching Method - Application to Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

1550 - 1600 Question/Discussion Period

1600 - 1620 Coffee break

1620 - 1640 Dr. Yi Li, Simon Fraser University

Real-time Motion Planning of Multiple Formations in Virtual Environments: Flexible Virtual Structures and Continuum Model

Videos: A simple demo of crowd flows (3.3 MB), Motion Planning of Multiple Formations (52.3 MB)

1640 - 1710 Dr. Roland Philippsen, Stanford University

Dependency Tracking for Fast Marching - Dynamic Replanning for Ground Vehicles

Videos: Robox, the tour-guide robots of Expo.02 Switzerland ; SmartTer, the Elrob 2006 contestant of EPFL, Switzerland. (8'472 KB) ; E* on growing costmaps, either with DWA control (differential drive robot) or with TADPF control (car-like vehicle): low-quality MPEG (5'644 KB), medium-quality MPEG (16'552 KB), low-quality MPEG (4'968 KB), medium-quality MPEG (14'804 KB KB)

1710 - 1750 Prof. Ming C. Lin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Deformable Distance Fields for Simulation of Non-Penetrating Flexible Bodies


1750 - 1800 Question/Discussion Period

IROS 2008